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BJC Became the Core Supplier of Alcatel-Lucent (Shanghai)
Dateline :2011-04-09       Visits:2895

Alcatel-Lucent (Shanghai) is the first foreign-invested joint-stock company in Chinese High-tech industry. Its core business is to provide solution of end-to-end telecom, media solutions of fixed or mobile network, broadband connection, next generation network, intelligent optical network, network application and network integration. Based on its unique competitive advantages and global technical resources, Alcatel-Lucent developed its business rapidly in recent years. Due to enlarged market requirement, Alcatel-Lucent invited the bidding to find strategic partners who can provide outsourcing talents and technical support service in November.

As domestic leading company in outsourcing service, BJC grasped unique technology
research & development and talents training with human resource advantages and R& D ability in Wuhan. BJC provided various services like OSS/BSS system development for some large Telecom corporations, system applications’ testing and development for telecom core network, add-value business platform testing and development service for telecom and mobile corporations. BJC accumulated rich experience of service outsourcing for telecom industry.

Since May, BJC worked with Alcatel-Lucent. Some engineers joined Alcatel-Lucent’s
implementation project and got recognition and praise from project managers. Due to the human resource and technology advantages in service outsourcing of telecom industry, BJC became the core supplier of Alcatel-Lucent in China.

Thus, BJC will work closely with Alcatel-Lucent in talent training, technology support,
solution integration faithfully. Both will achieve together in telecom industry smoothly.

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