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BJC became the core supplier of 4 department of IBM China
Dateline :2010-08-19       Visits:2789

Against further warming of the global outsourcing market, IBM will enlarge the business development in China. For fulfilling enlarging market requirements and reducing purchasing cost, purchasing department of IBM China adjusted the supplier strategy in July 2010. The suppliers of GDC, GBS, GTS and SWG were integrated. IBM selected 5 core suppliers from 40 and unrolled all-out business cooperation with those 5.

Since 2006, BJC became regional supplier of IBM GDC basing on Mainframe technology
and human resource advantages. In recent years, the business was spread to the technical filed of all kinds of subsectors in IBM GDC. Meanwhile, BJC started strategic cooperation with GBS and GTS.

From global financial crisis in 2008 on, the BJC managers submitted 5 years plan against
IBM business. The scale of cooperation with IBM increased steadily. Becoming core supplier, the cooperation between BJC and IBM gets to another level from single mode which relies on IT staffing to undertaking the IBM delivery projects and providing multi-tier industry solution with IBM for end-users. The range of delivery also changed from domestic to international.

As the only core supplier in Midwest China, BJC will grasp the opportunities to play the
regional advantages to dance with IBM on stage of service outsourcing.

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