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Depend on the large-scale customizable information platform base on the SOA architecture, BJC provides complete informationized solutions for medium and large enterprises. Its business which leads industry covers IT consultation, PLM/ERP/MES implementation services, information integration, portals, data center and other solutions. It can customize informationized products and services for customer basing on a unified platform, and meet and meet the customers’ personalized requirements:
  Overall informationizated planning and program customization;
  Manufacturing industry business planning and management consulting;
  Software developing and testing for large corporations;
  Large IMDP customization base on the SOA architecture;
  Consulting, developing, implementing, training services of PLM/ERP/MES/PM;
  The service of design, simulation, analysis of mechanical components base on three-dimensional technology;
  The planning and implementation of DC and ISI;
  The development and implementation of BI and DSS;
  The development and implementation of enterprise-class portal.

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